Campus Party India

Campus Party India, which was to happen from 14th to 19th September 2016 in Hyderabad has been postponed.

The next date will be confirmed shortly. The organization of the event reinforces that the first edition of the biggest tech experience of the world, will happen in India soon. This is a part of the worldwide calendar of Campus Party where a lot of brilliant young minds build the future together.

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It is the area of exclusive access to Campuseros. In the arena you can enjoy 24*7 on Campus, through: Conferences- Speakers local and international at the highest level, all specialists in their areas. 5 stages await you with 200 hours of content! Workshops- Practical and participatory workshops. You’ll learn by doing, by the hand of experts. Challenges- We will test your knowledge in exchange for great prizes!


Day coming to an end and you do not want to leave Campus? Well, stay! You can live during the days of the event in the Campus Village, the place where camping Campuseros enjoy all the experience Campus Party has to offer, bring your equipment, consider sleeping! (Do not forget to buy your camping ticket)


It is open to the public area, such as a fare or expo where you can enjoy the Campus. Experience visiting stands of your favorite organisations presenting their latest developments. Come and listen to your favorite internet celebrity or maybe world renowned personality. Learn about latest technology and what future holds for us.

Want to learn how to program a robot? How to write code? How to market an app? These are some of the skills you can learn in Campus Party workshops. In an open learning environment you can learn from the best in the field.

Challenges are the ultimate way to connect with fellow Campuseros and work in a team towards one common goal. We are about building the future and finding solutions for large problems

Campus Party is the greatest technological experience in the world which brings together young geeks aspiring entrepreneurship in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, digital entertainment startups. We do have renowned speakers on stage at Campus Party India

Science     Innovation     Creativity     Entreprenuership     Entertainment



Opinion leadere web celebrities

Because of their reputation and visibility, they attract people's attention to key messages and cases they endorse.

What they do at campus?
Curate content. Keynote Speakers, Panelists. VIP guests by CP & brands


startup founders, investors and mentors

They want to turn ideas into businesses. They are here to find partners and solutions to make it happen.

What they do at Campus?
Present their projects at Startup&Makers Camp. Seek for mentoring and co-founders. Participate of the Business Marathon.


Passionate for technology and innovation


Tech-addicts, gamers, Social Media heavy users. They follow the trends set by influencers and brands.

What they do at Campus?
Participate in conferences and workshops. Network. Learn Stuff. Seek inspiration & pairs.


Qualified students, makers, and tweakers young professionals


Mostly developers and makers, these guys collect knowledge as the mean to transform it into new things.

What they do at Campus?

Participate in hackatons, challenges, workshops and conferences. Create stuff, learn stuff. Seek inspiration & pairs.


Network, development, creation, learning, entertainment and much more.

 24 hours of life in the Campus Party


Government of Telangana | IT, Electronics &Communication Department

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Cisco Systems, Inc

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India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA)
IEEE India Council
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Ahmedabad University
Marwadi University
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

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